I'm a writer/producer/director who makes innovative programming for
digital and broadcast media. I'm currently the producer of PBS Space
Time and PBS Infinite Series, two series that present challenging,
educational content in accessible and exciting ways. We talk about things
like dark energy, quantum erasure and hyperspheres. By the end of each
video your brain will feel the burn but you'll definitely enjoy the work out.
Prior to working with PBS I was the creator and host of Science Friction,
a web series that breaks down the real science behind comic book and
sci-fi superpowers and shows people how they can become
superhuman. The series has been viewed over 11 million times, has
175,000 subscribers and is used by universities to teach students about
the latest advancements in science and technology.   
I also created the Anglophenia web series for BBC America. We taught
people how to swear like a proper Brit and discussed important issues
like whether the pouch you buckle around your waist is called a "fanny
pack" or a "bum bag." The series went immediately viral and received
critical acclaim for its intelligence and humor.  
I've made a lot of other videos for companies like Nickelodeon, TruTV,
Google and Condé Nast. Some of these you can check out here 
My career in new media started in 2007, as the head writer for We made over a hundred comedy videos that took aim at politics, pop-culture and the media. Barely Political's remixes, sketches and music videos regularly went viral and repeatedly attracted the attention of both new and traditional media outlets. I made a video called Bill O'Reilly's Producer that won two Webby's. Bill O'Reilly didn't like it.
When I'm not working I write and host my own Lovecraftian murder
mystery parties and make RPGs for my five-year-old about mischievous
witches and bossy badgers.