Science Friction is the educational web series where fantasy meets reality. Find out what superhuman powers are possible with the science and technology we have today and what abilities will be within reach tomorrow.

Ep.1 - The Next Iron Man is YOU Ep.2 - Real Star Trek Phasers Ep.3 - Fly Like Superman Ep.4 - Real Invisibility
Ep.5 - How To Freeze Time Ep.6 - Heal Like Wolverine Ep.7 - The Force is Real Ep.8 - The Power of Molecular Reconfiguration
Ep.9 - How To Shapeshift Ep.10 - Immunity to Poison Ep.11 - The Matrix is Real Ep.12 - The Science of Rage
  Ep.13 - How to Teleport Ep.14 - The Power of Magneto